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μιχα χαλανδρι προπονηση

20΄ EMS = 5 hours of gym

The most time efficient workout

Maximum results in minimum time!



ems metabolic


  • 30 minutes session (20 minute workout + 10 minutes to change)

  • Once a week*/Every 5 days

      Exercises 650 muscles


       Conventional Training

  • 1 hour workout

  • Go to the gym 5 times a week

  • Muscles are selectively exercised in sequence

DC Body Power Fit EMS

  • 1200 Calories burnt/20 minutes                                                                                         VS



  • 200 Calories burnt/20 minutes



  • 180 Calories burnt/20 minutes



  • 170 Calories burnt/20 minutes

  • Perfect for if you have injuries you are recovering from or issues with specific part of your body.

  • Perfect for older athletes who are experiencing pain, inflammation, decreased range of motion or other issues during their regular workouts.

  • It is possible to use higher intensities without additional weights with the corresponding load on the passive body structures. A good level of hypertrophy is possible without the risk of large additional loads

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