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miha bodytec

Improves physical condition and beauty

  • Diminishes cellulite and sagginess

  • Energizes metabolism

  • Amplifies weight loss and fat reduction

  • Massages the body

  • Promotes blood circulation and lymphatic circulation

mihabodytec training at chalandri

miha bodytec

Enhances muscle power

  • Promotes muscle growth

  • Improves elasticity

  • Increases maximum strength and stamina

  • Improves motility

  • Has a positive effect on body control and neuromuscular coordination

miha bodytec training at chalandri

miha bodytec

Moderates body discomfort

  • It effectively reduces waist, neck and knee pain

  • Minimizes incontinence discomfort

  • Relaxes muscle spasms and muscle hardening

  • Guarantees a zero friction of joints via isometric workout

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miha bodytec

Improves mental temper

  • Providing motives that better the mood

  • Improving the feel of the body

  • Promoting a good posture

  • Increasing resistance to stress and tension

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